Just Like You

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An essential book to teach children about equality and diversity. ” Just Like You” promotes equality and diversity and shows that despite our differences ,we’re all quite similar. It encourages children to look past the physical side of people and love people.

4 reviews for Just Like You

  1. Rashida Boateng

    This is a good book, suitable for early readers. The pictures are active enough to prompt discussions with your young one and works along side the words to give a visual as to why the featured child is ‘just like you’. Overall it sends a great message of inclusions and diversity

  2. S Ford

    Just Like You is a quick and easy read, but has a lasting and incredibly impactful message for both young and old readers!
    I’m looking forward to buying more copies for children of friends and family, and would recommend anybody to buy a copy for yourself and loved ones. It’s so important to continue spreading the message that Just Like You communicates. I can’t wait for more people to read it!

  3. Jane Eloan

    Fun book and very educational for children.

  4. Mrs Ellena Emmanuel

    I read this to my group of pre schoolers (3-4yo). They were all engaged and one girl who never contributes in the circle time put her hand up enthusiastically when the Polish girl was mentioned to tell me, “My mum is Polish.” Another child who is Japanese was fascinated by ‘Tan’ and waved to read about her again. This book is ideal to teach children about diversity and inclusion, but it was also lovely for these often unrepresented children to see themselves in a book. Thank you Athina Gordon.

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